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Letters from a Private Investigator VIII


Copyright Fraud

Protecting trade secrets and intellectual property has actually become extremely difficult in the modern international business world.

If you do have a concern that involves proprietary information or about copyright fraud, then Indonesia Private Investigation Agency (IPIA) can help you in discovering how and where any essential information has been compromised.

IPIA can help locate the principal source of illegal activities, the supply chain details and also help contain the situation. IPIA works with business, individuals, and companies in order to protect all their valuable intellectual assets. IPIA private investigators have worked on cases concerning counterfeit products, copyright fraud, and intellectual assets theft.

How Indonesia Private Investigation Agency Can Help

  • Discover the production  source of the copyright items;
  • Find the seller/s of the copyright items;
  • Go undercover in order to uncover and expose the various factors of the supply chain;
  • Retrieve valuable specimens of the stolen goods;
  • Do background checks of the perpetrators.

What Copyright Investigation Involves

  • Research for violations: Indonesia Private Investigation Agency agents are qualified private investigatora nd they can help you in identifying intellectual asset theft as well as copyright fraud;
  • Identification of the perpetrators: A private investigator team will discover, locate, and also obtain essential background information and profiles of the perpetrators;
  • Surveillance at retail and manufacturing locations: A private investigator may also use surveillance in order to get evidence of infringement and theft;
  • Utilization of undercover operatives if needed.

Indonesia Private Investigation Agency has highly qualified private investigators. Unfortunately IPIA is getting more and more calls from clients that had opted for less qualified agencies (and therefore cheaper) only to come to IPIA to do the work all over again (properly).

Whoever you choose  IPIA recommends a Private Investigation Agency that is a reputable and registered company that can offer you the best possible investigation services.  Agencies should have proof of registration and qualifications. Clients are also within their rights to ask for references.

Companies and individuals face challenging,and  constantly evolving intellectual property rights landscape in Indonesia. They still battle constant infringement of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and even trade secrets.

In addition to this, companies face not just administrative hurdles, uneven enforcement, and procedural barriers but also commercial obstacles from extremely sophisticated counterfeiters. Thus, the services of IPIA are in demand now more than ever. So, if you ever need to deal with copyright fraud please contact IPIA for a free consultation on how we can help.


About the Author

IPIA's Director of Investigations is an Indonesian national with a Diploma in PI work (with distinction) from the UK and an Australian Government accredited Certificate in Investigative Services. She has worked on over 400 cases for private and business clients.