About Indonesia Private Investigation Agency

Indonesia Private Investigation Agency

Indonesia Private Investigation Agency (IPIA) was founded in 2008 as one of the first Private Investigation Agencies to start operations in Indonesia. IPIA is managed jointly by our Indonesian CEO and Director of Investigations, and by an expatriate.

In the past ten years or so we have worked on around  1000 private investigation cases for  individual clients  and  businesses (both local and also some major international companies). Around 75% of our clients are from Indonesia but we have also worked for clients from all over the world (England, Holland, France, America, Australia, Sweden, Ukraine, Lebanon, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand . . . . .the list goes on). IPIA has also cooperated on team cases with other Private Investigation Agencies from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, America and England.

Indonesia Private Investigation Agency is a sister agency of Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency (BEPIA). We also have extensive networks and consultants throughout Indonesia including Suarabaya, Kalimantan, Papua, Lombok and Batam. Our network includes immigration, child protection services, IT experts, financial institutions and police forensic laboratories.

Many of the private investigation cases we have dealt with our relationship based – for example suspected cheating partner surveillance or running background checks for people wanting to take their relationship to the next more serious level. IPIA also has wide experience of working in the business sector.

Private Investigation Cases

Here is a taste of some of the types of cases Indonesia Private Investigation Agency has worked on:

  • Relationship based cases (cheating partner, background checks);
  • Locating abducted children and liaising with Indonesian Child Protection Authorities.
  • Tracing will beneficiaries for the Australian Government.
  • Serving international court papers.
  • Undercover work in an international corporation to expose corruption and fraud.
  • Background checks on potential business partners.
  • Skip tracing missing people and fugitives.
  • Tracking and recovering stolen property.
  • De-bugging offices and homes.