Business Investigation Services

Business Investigation Services

Indonesia Private Investigation Agency offers a wide range of business investigation services. These include business background and due diligence investigations, pre-employment screeningcopyright infringement investigations and asset searches.

When considering new business ventures, particularly in Indonesia, you will face the challenge of establishing and trusting information and people before making any commitments.

Unfortunately many people have fallen victim to internet scams and lose large amounts of money to internet scammers.

Our team of private investigators have experience working on a wide range of business investigation cases with support from our established networks in Indonesia.

We always provide clients with supporting data including all available official documentation, and any other data from Indonesian authorities.

IPIA is a sister agency of Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency.

Types of Business Investigation

These are some of the more common types of cases we have worked on. Please contact us to discuss the types of services we can offer and combine to help you.

Having a business investigation carried out can help you avoid potential losses if you start any business associations by understanding your competitors, your key suppliers, and potential or existing investment partners in Indonesia. IPIA performs business investigation due diligence checks so you can gather all the facts and background information to help you in your planning and avoid making costly mistakes.
Unfortunately scams and fraudsters are widespread in Indonesia, and unless you are here on the ground, it is just too easy for those trying to scam you to “disappear”. IPIA can find these criminals and also, before you even start a business relationship, carry appropriate business investigation checks to minimize your risk.
Our business investigation services include verifying and obtaining copies of almost any document that you might need, whether for a legal case, marriage annulment in Indonesia, or simply to make a well-informed decision. Examples of documents we can locate and verify include marriage records, birth certificates, divorce papers, death certificates, professional licenses and vehicle registrations
IPIA’s private investigators have the contacts and networks to run business investigation searches of someone’s property or other assets anywhere in Indonesia. IPIA can trace and identify the assets of a particular entity or individual. This includes locating real estate, stocks, company shareholdings and land holdings, financial resources, vehicles and other assets.

IPIA’s business investigation services include locating any sources of counterfeit or fraudulent merchandise, and companies infringing on your company’s trademark.

Other business investigation services we offer to protect trade secrets include running surveillance activities at manufacturing, retail, and wholesale locations.

IPIA can locate people that have gone missing and also can act on your behalf to serve court papers in line with any specific jurisdictional or Hague Service Convention requirements.