Private Investigation Techniques

Private Investigation Techniques

There are many different private investigation techniques. They are normally interchangeable regardless of the type of client. IPIA works with a range of clients from two main sectors:

Background checking for example is an investigation technique that has roughly the same approach whether it is for someone wanting to get married who just needs to check if s/he is not making the biggest mistake of their lives, or for a business that needs to be sure of a potential partner before committing (and potentially losing $1000s).

we always design a case approach, agreeing the investigation techniques to be used, in consultation with our clients.

Surveillance techniques are be used to check on a suspected cheating partner or for a business that is attempting to gather evidence of internal corruption.

Regardless of the type of client, IPIA and our sister agency  BEPIA, use a range of skills and investigation techniques, and the most up-to-date equipment and technology to ensure we get the concrete evidence you need. We always devise a case approach, agreeing the investigation techniques to be used, in consultation with our clients.

Common private investigation techniques

Perhaps the most commonly used investigation technique. In very simple terms this is basically following, and watching someone, gathering evidence, and reporting on the what, where, why, with whom, when and how.  To be done correctly (and by that we mean remaining 100% confidential but still gathering tangible results) it requires planning, skill, a massive amount of patience and usually at least two people. Top of the range cameras, recorders equipment are used.
This investigation technique involves determining details of a target’s communications (such as phone and sms and social networking). Telephone and email tapping software can be an option. Please contact us for more details on this.
Tracing is a private investigation technique used to locate the whereabouts of a missing person. IPIA has the tools to locate a person through their phone if the SIM card is still active. We can do this in just a few minutes, obtaining accurate GPS locations within a radius of 200 meters.
Research is often used in background checks. Information obtained usually depends on the type of client, whether personal or business. Private cases usually require looking for information on marital status, location of assets, employment history, credit and criminal actions. Business background checks can include information about court records, credit checks, liens and judgments and complaints. This method in other countries can often be done from a desk. In Indonesia though usually there is a lot of travel needed visiting record offices (for example immigration, property offices, notaries, and the police).
The infamous honey trap  is an investigation method that is useful in a variety of scenarios in either business or private investigation cases. For private clients IPIA can set up a ‘honey trap’ which is basically a test partner’s loyalty and if you have a cheating partner on your hands. A honey trap is an investigation technique that can also be useful to uncover business fraud such as copyright abuse, corruption, and bribery.