Private Investigation Services for Private Clients

Private Investigation Services for Private Clients

Private investigation cases for private clients very often deal with very sensitive and emotionally charged issues. These cases often concern questions about the possibility of a partner cheating. Our private investigators have worked on hundreds of such cases and understand the pain, heartache and anger people feel. IPIA guarantees the strictest confidentiality and we always deal with each client with the greatest respect.

The hardest thing about searching for the truth is that sometimes you find it.

Not all our work for private clients though is about relationship issues, and even those that are have not always ended unhappily.

Our private investigators have also located missing people and abducted children, and helped clients deal with Indonesian Child Protection Services in cases of child custody disputes. Private clients have also approached us to check on potential partners when buying property or getting into other private business deals with locals.

IPIA is at your service for solving these and any other problems you have. Included as part of private investigation services are full comprehensive reports on case activities along with concrete evidence (such as photographs, videos or recordings).

A few examples of the kinds of private investigation cases we have worked on for private clients. Please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail and agree the best private investigation approach to suit your needs.

Whether you are planning to take a relationship to a more serious level, or doing business with a local, a relatively small investment in IPIA’s private investigation services could save you from the high costs (emotionally and financially) of going down the wrong road.
Our private investigators have worked on over 300 ‘suspected cheating partner’  cases. We get the information and evidence that you need so you can decide one way or another about a relationship and how best to move forward.
IPIA has extensive contacts within Indonesian authorities such as immigration and the police, and we have a very high success rate in this difficult area of private investigation work.
IPIA and BEPIA, our sister agency, can carry out longer term private investigation surveillance (usually needed in cases of a suspected cheating partner), and random short-term surveillance for anyone such as parents worried about their children or people who just want the occasional check on someone.
We can run spot checks with technology that can locate an active telephone within 200 meters.
We have worked on a number of private investigation cases where we first had to locate abducted children. Following this we worked with the Indonesian authorities, such as the Child Protection Services, and foreign Consulates, to resolve conflicts and disagreements.